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      Datavideo SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio
      • Datavideo SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio

      Datavideo SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio


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      VAT included

      The SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio from Datavideo is a transportable complete live switching solution for in-studio and on-location productions.

      Key Features

      8-Input, 4-Channel Video + Stills

      2 x HD Monitors for Multiview/PGM

      HD Recorder for PGM/AUX

      Vectorscope/Waveform Monitor

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      Datavideo SE-2850 Overview

      The SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio from Datavideo is a transportable complete live switching solution for in-studio and on-location productions. The system includes the SE-2850 8-channel switcher, two HD monitors for multiview/PGM applications, a PGM/AUX recorder, vectorscope/waveform monitor, 8-channel intercom/tally system with four belt packs, audio delay box, H.264 streaming server, 328' powered SDI repeater, 8-channel 12V XLR power distributor, 8-channel power center, 8-channel CV return video, 4-channel SDI amplifier, and a digital/analog converter.

      Additionally, the system supports optional add-ons, such as the PD-4A AC Redundant Power Center, DDC-4012H In-Line XLR DC-DC Converter, VP-781 HD/SD-SDI and Intercom Repeater Box, VP-634 Unpowered 328' SDI Repeater, CB-46/CB-47 SDI and ITC All-in-One Cables, and CB-3/CB-4 Tally and ITC All-in-One Cables.

      Datavideo SE-2850 HD/SD 8-Channel Video Switcher

      The SE-2850 HD/SD 8-Channel Video Switcher from Datavideo is a mixed format switcher with 8 HD/SD-SDI inputs and four assignable SDI and two assignable HDMI outputs for routing any combination of HD and SD video.

      This switcher supports SDI/HDMI YUV 10-bit 4:2:2, and HDMI/RGB 4:4:4 color sampling for smoother color gradations. Housed in a 2 RU frame, the SE-2850 is ideal for use in both large broadcast systems or portable mini-racks for live productions. Routing is controlled via Ethernet using the included Windows software or via RS-422 control.

      For advanced audio control, the SE-2850 can be connected to an external mixer (not included). Additional switcher features include dual PiP, two downstream keyers, cross-point video and audio, two independent logo functions, and a built-in title overlay system. The SE-2850 includes four XLR audio inputs with each audio channel featuring de-embedding and audio delay.


      Supports eight HD or SD inputs with six video and audio cross-point options on four SDI outputs

      Dual user-positioned PiP, dual logo support, and dual downstream keyers (DSK) with Luma and alpha channel options

      Four XLR audio inputs with two output modes; audio delay for each de-embedded audio source

      Integrated title overlay system works with entry-level Datavideo CG systems

      Additional features including frame store for each channel, 17 wipe choices, and master and countdown clocks

      Datavideo TLM-170LR 17.3" Full HD Rackmount Monitor with 3G-SDI & HDMI

      The TLM-170LR 17.3" Full HD Rackmount Monitor from Datavideo features a 1080p display and supports up to 1080p60 video via a 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, two HDMI inputs, and an SDI loop-through output. The monitor features a dual-color LED tally light on the front at the very top, indicating live or cued status. Other features include pixel zoom up to 8x, blue only, and safe frame. The monitor comes with a 7 RU rack ear kit for rackmount installation.

      Datavideo HDR-70 HDD Recorder for SD/HD-SDI with Removable Drive Bay

      The DataVideo HDR-70 HDD Recorder for SD/HD-SDI with Removable Drive Bay is a rack mountable video recorder for studio control rooms or video production trucks. It records NTSC, PAL, and HD video signals and features an SD/HD-SDI input and two mini-XLR recording to 2.5" form factor HDD or SSDs in a removable drive caddy. The HDR-70 features selectable color sampling ratio and data rate settings. This compact unit features a small footprint and is made from painted aluminum for strength. The front panel buttons provide you local tape deck like control of the unit, with built-in led audio level meters. The HDR-70 features two XLR inputs and outputs for balanced audio.

      The included drive caddy supports available drives (both HDD and SSD) up to 500GB, and once removed from the HDR-70 the enclosures can be connected directly to a computer via the built-in USB 2.0 or eSata interface for off loading or editing directly from the drive. The unit writes to the NTFS file format system, which makes the drive readable by both Mac and Windows systems and avoids the 4GB file size limitation of FAT32 systems. For remote control, the HDR-70 features a 9-pin connector that allows control by RS-232 or RS-422. The unit is powered by 12 volts DC, and the cable connector features a locking collar so the power cable can't be accidentally unplugged.

      HDR-70 Video Support

      NTSC and PAL video and HD video including 1080p, 1080i and 720p

      Reference In/Out Black Burst and Tri-level sync

      Timecode input/outputs, and gen-lock input and pass-through

      SD/HD-SDI input, with SD/HD-SDI outputs with 8-channels of embedded audio

      The HDMI output uses a full sized connector and features 4 channels of embedded audio. There is also a nifty cable tie platform under the HDMI connector that you can use to secure the HDMI connector to the unit with available cable ties.

      The front panel features local control buttons and a built-in headphone jack with volume knob


      LCD menu screen

      Lockable drive bay.

      Timelapse recording feature

      Power on record/play

      Media files are made on the fly with no rendering required.

      In the event of power loss during recording, only the last two seconds of your recording are lost

      Removable rack mount ears (ships unattached)

      Removable rubber feet (ships attached)

      Datavideo VSM100 Vectorscope / Waveform Monitor with 2 Screens

      The Datavideo VSM100 Vectorscope Monitor with 2 Screens is a sophisticated system that allow users to easily ensure the stability of incoming video signals and recorded video quality from a connected recorder and cameras through two 4.3" monitors to display and monitor high-quality images. When equipped with sampling vector scope, it can accurately assist camera calibration, ensure precise B&W Balance calibration, support color saturation, and enable luminance adjustment.


      Each monitor has a HD-SDI video input with loop-through output

      Individual adjustments of Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, and Backlight Level for each monitor

      Front panel headphone jacks

      Audio indicator

      Support embedded audio on SDI & HDMI

      HD / SD-SDI, and HDMI Input

      4:3 & 16:9 display mode switching / PAL & NTSC auto switching

      Sampling Vector Scope

      Rugged and compact single unit that requires only an HD-SDI or HDMI monitor

      Menu choice of Vectorscope, Histogram, Waveform, and Parade displays as well as clean Video Display output (SDI to HDMI conversion)

      SDI / HD-SDI loop through can provide clean pictures or video scope view

      Automatically detects and locks to NTSC, PAL, or HD signals

      Embedded SDI audio peak meter with selectable monitoring for 4 stereo pairs

      Switchable 4:3 / 16:9 video thumbnail when input signal is SD-SDI

      Headphone jack audio monitoring socket with menu-based volume control

      Save and Recall trace menu options for quick and easy overlay comparison of video traces

      Parade Display can be toggled between RGB and YCbCr

      Vector scope can be toggled between 75% and 100% graticules/bars

      Waveform detail can be zoomed 20%, 40%, 60%, and 100%; various parts of the waveform can then be viewed by changing the X Delay value

      Capture sampling by Field 1, Field 2, or Frame

      12VDC operation makes the unit suitable for field or studio operation

      Datavideo ITC-100 8-User Wired Intercom System with 4 Beltbacks & 4 Headsets

      One of the innovative features of the rack-mountable ITC-100 8-User Wired Intercom System with 4 Beltbacks & 4 Headsets from Datavideo is that it can use headsets ranging from low-cost cell phone headsets to high-quality professional units.

      Up to 8 users can be connected to the ITC-100 via PTT wired beltpacks. Four beltpacks, four headsets, four cables and a tally light set are all included. Cables for connecting the beltpacks may be up to 984 ft long, and use 5-pin XLR connectors. The base station features all call and mute buttons, a mic input, built-in speaker, and standard headphone jacks.

      Supports up to 8 wired users

      Uses your choice of headsets, from low-cost cell phone sets to high-quality professional units

      Uses cables up to 984 ft to connect beltpacks

      Datavideo AD-200 6 Channel Audio Delay/Mixer with Level Adjustment (1 RU)

      The 1RU AD-200 6 Channel Audio Delay/Mixer with Level Adjustment from Datavideo is an integration of 6 channel audio delay with a matrix mapping function of 4 channel outputs audio mixer. The AD-200 is comprised of two separate parts: the main unit and the control unit. The two parts are 1RU each and can be easily installed on an OB Van or customized rack.

      Sampling Vector Scope

      4 Channel balanced audio inputs and 4 channel balanced audio outputs

      2 Channel AUX inputs selectable of Mic/Line level and 2 channel unbalanced-audio outputs

      6 Channel audio mixer and matrix router to 4 channel audio outputs

      Support up to 3sec audio delay adjustment for each input channel

      Audio level adjustment of each input

      Datavideo NVS-33 H.264 Video Streaming Encoder and MP4 Recorder

      Stream HD or SD video to the web with Datavideo's H.264 Video Streaming Encoder and MP4 Recorder. The NVS-33 encodes incoming video to H.264 in real time and can send it to stream on the web while simultaneously recording to an SD card. The recording feature benefits content creators who want their video to be available on-demand after the live stream is over. The NVS-33 uses a simple web-based user interface (UI) that can be accessed from a standard web browser. The multi-language UI can configure the settings and also upgrade firmware from the web.

      The NVS-33 can accept video with embedded audio from SDI or HDMI sources. Audio can also be input from a dedicated L-R RCA audio input. Scaling and deinterlacing can be accomplished on any video input. Processing is done during the pre-encoding to preserve video quality. The front panel contains the status LEDs, power switch, and an SD card slot, which can record to cards formatted with FAT, exFAT, or NTFS file systems.



      High-quality HD/SD H.264 network streaming; H.264/AVC video

      Embedded or External Audio

      Audio inputs: select embedded or external audio source

      Deinterlacing Support

      Supports deinterlaced video streaming for progressive output

      Easy-to-Use Web User Interface

      Multi-language web UI for system configuration and firmware upgrade

      Front-Panel Button Control

      Front-panel control for recording and streaming

      Video Scaler

      Flexible video scaler presets for streaming out

      Record to SD Card

      Records to SD card and supports FAT/exFAT/NTFS file systems for continuous recording

      Datavideo VP-633 3G/HD/SD-SDI Repeater with DC Power Input

      The Datavideo VP-633 3G/HD/SD-SDI Repeater with DC Power Input extends an SDI video signal along with embedded audio 328 ft, reclocking to maintain the quality of the signal. The unit supports resolutions up to 1080i60 NTSC, or 1080i50 PAL, automatically detecting whether the input is NTSC or PAL.

      If you want to extend the signal even further, instead of adding another VP-633 at the end of the first 328 ft, you can connect a slightly less expensive VP-634. The VP-634 does not have a power input like the VP-633 model. The VP-633 is the device closest to your switcher, with up to three VP-634 devices extending the chain. The VP-634 features reclocking, and supports embedded audio.

      Sampling Vector Scope

      Extends SDI video signal with embedded audio a distance up to 328 ft

      Supports resolutions up to 1080i60 NTSC, or 1080i50 PAL

      DC-powered: Feeds power to every additional (and optional) VP-634, which is non-powered

      Maintains quality by reclocking

      Datavideo PD-2A 1RU 19" Rack Power Distribution Center

      The PD-2A 1RU 19” Rack Power Distribution Center from Datavideo provides steady power supply for studio equipment, such as the video switcher, monitors, recorders, and intercom system.

      The PD-2A power distribution center features auto-switchable inputs of 110/120VAC, a UPS interface, and 12VDC ports. In addition, it also features four 12V/3A terminals, two 12V/5A terminals, two 12V/10A terminals (shared), and XLR DC outputs. It adds reliability to studio equipment and consolidates power supplies and cabling.

      Maximum rating 400 W

      Power indicator and auto-recovering fuse protector for each output terminal

      Sequential-Power On of each DC output terminal during power on stage by 1 second duration

      Auto-switchable 110/120VAC or 12VDC UPS input source

      Compliant safety

      EMI and RoHS certification

      Datavideo PD-6 Universal VAC to VDC Camera Power Distributor

      The PD-6 Universal VAC to VDC Camera Power Distributor from Datavideo is a power distribution center designed to fit a 1RU 19" rack mount. The PD-6 supplies steady and sequenced voltage for production kit whether on location or in a studio. This unit features eight outputs which can be configured individually at 48, 24, 14.4, or 12 VDC with a total power consumption of 360 W. You can use the CB-22H, CB-23H, DDC-4012H, and VP-605H accessories for the PD-6 along with this power distributor.

      Please note that the non-H versions of these accessories are designed for the PD-3 and will not be compatible with the PD-6.

      Sampling Vector Scope

      Automatically adjusts to work with 50 or 60Hz power supplies between 100-240 VAC

      8 VDC outputs with a combined total power consumption of 360W

      Each VDC output can be switched to provide 12, 14.4, 24, or 48V

      Each VDC output features multi-colored LED confirming the chosen voltage by color

      Unit provides both VDC and VAC overload protection

      Datavideo VP-445 Distribution Amplifier

      The VP-445 Distribution Amplifier from Datavideo will distribute (1) SD-SDI or HD-SDI signal to up to (4) outputs. The unit works in either one of these formats, but is not capable of converting between them. It features a small footprint convenient for use in any setup and a mounting bracket is included to facilitate installation.

      1x4 SD/HD-SDI Signal Distribution

      Use this unit to distribute (1) SD-SDI or HD-SDI signal to up to (4) outputs.

      Small Footprint

      The unit's small size and the included mounting bracket make it easy to install virtually anywhere.

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      Datavideo SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio

      Datavideo SE-2850 8-Channel HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher Mobile Studio

      €26,600.00 + VAT

      VAT included