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      Kiloview-Video Encoders E2


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      • E series video encoder can encode SDI or HDMI video source and compress into IP stream, to realize long-distance HD
      • transmission/live broadcast over WAN or LAN. It supports SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/UDP/RTSP/Onvif etc.
      • ·SRT
      • ·Portrait Live
      • ·Low cos
      • ·PTZ control
      • ·7*24h continuous working ·Recording storage
      • ·SDK/API provided ·Image and text overlay
      • ·Multi-platform live broadcast
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      Conference/program/event webcast, video network transmission, video interactive connection point to point, SDI

      camera network transformation, HDMI network transmission/live broadcast, video network recording, portrait live

      broadcast, etc.

      SDI/HDMI video source

      E series video encoder

      Ethernet wired transmission live broadcast/streaming media platform


      High quality chip solution and modular software system to ensure high image quality

      and high stability

      ●High quality chip, FPGA processing after video capture, H.264 algorithm optimization, different streaming protocols.,

      to ensure clear, smooth and high color reproduction;

      ●8-layer PCB board design, dual CPU, modular software , low power consumption and low heat dissipation , voltage

      overload protection, automatic reconnection when power and network off, etc., ensure that the device is stable and can

      work 7*24h continuously;

      ●Adjustable bit rate from 64kbps~40Mbps;

      ●Input resolution supports up to 1080P60, the encoding output resolution is adjustable.

      Powerful streaming media service (support SRT), support dual stream output and

      8stream services can be opened simultaneously for the main and sub streams

      ●H.264 encoding, support SRT transmission point-to-point and Caller/Listener/ Rendezvous three transmission modes;

      ●Simultaneously support RTP/RTSP/ RTMP/ RTMPS/HLS/TS-UDP/Onvif etc. streaming media protocols;

      ●Customizable support for NDI/SIP/GB-T28181 etc. special protocol;

      ●Dual stream output, the main code rate up to 1080P60,and the sub-stream supports 720P60 video encoding;

      ●Both the main stream and the sub stream can open 8 stream services simultaneously (both can push simultaneously

      8 live platforms).

      Support video rotation/cutting (horizontal portrait live broadcast), image and text

      overlay, video recording, monitor etc.

      ●Support video rotation / cutting before (such as horizontal screen to vertical screen) ,horizontal mirroring, color

      adjustment, etc. before encoding;

      ●Support custom text and picture overlay function, which can be superimposed to any position on the screen;

      ●Micro SD/TF card for local recording, and support NAS network storage;

      ●Support SDI/HDMI embedded audio encoding, and 3.5mm analog audio input encoding;

      ●Monitoring and USB expansion PTZ;

      ●Support Wired IP/satellite network transmission;

      ●SDK/API provided for secondary development and to integrate with third-party platforms.

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      Kiloview-Video Encoders E2

      €250.00 + VAT

      VAT included